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Our history!

Three generations dedicated to hospitality

“Born from the experience of a solid family dedicated to hospitality business, the Caffè Dogali is an old bar which is very appreciated by young people.
Going back to 1914 it has found the key to satisfy a young and hungry generation with a winning offer. It attracts young and not so young people by serving quick lunches, and especially with their afternoon snacks and aperitifs. The bar is located in the Campo di Marte district, the area of the big sport grounds, in one of the green areas of Florence. Its name evokes the adventures of the bold great-grandfather in faraway countries during the colonial era. Today it is managed by Alessandro Pampaloni who has inherited the business – as well as the passion to make it such a pleasant place – from his father and his grandfather, who founded the bar in 1914. As a historical and literary curiosity, we remind you that the bar was cited by Giulio Gandi in his guide “Antiche e caratteristiche trattorie Fiorentine” which was edited in the twenties and re-edited by the editor Salimbeni as an anastatic copy in 1986. In contrast to a lot of old shops which have disappeared, from time to time you can find one which is still unchanged and lives its second or third youth.”

Vela Section

Vela Section

The Caffè Dogali is part of the Association of Traditional and Typical Florentine Historical Exercises.

The Association of Traditional and Typical Florentine Historical Exercises
brings together more than sixty Florentine historical companies formed by artisans, traders, accommodation, catering and food and wine that have decided to meet in the Association in order to promote, qualify, protect and enhance their historical activities both as individuals and in their collegiality.
The goal is also to make known at national and international level such activities as cultural, social, characteristic and traditional heritage of the city of Florence.

Vela Section

Vela Section

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Opening hours

Monday – Saturday

8am — 12pm


(only during home matches of the Florentine soccer club)

11am — 16pm

Where we are located

Caffè Dogali

 Viale Malta, 5, 50137 Firenze

Reservations: +39 055  679556